Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We need to come up with a name for our farm .... Can you help us?

We cannot think of a name for our "farm". Alapaca Thacka will not fly with Charlie. I personally love it but we don't have alpacas or any animals for that matter so the name cannot have an animal in it since we still don't know what and/or IF we are going to get any animals. So if you could please please help us name our farm, that would be awesome!! Something catchy? Something fun? Anything??????


Anonymous said...

Sherri, This is probably silly, but I took the first initial of everyone in your family: S C E N and came u with Cens Farm? or maybe Scene Farm or hmmmm.... Scenery Farm, maybe someone else can think of something better.
Debbie aka Victorianrose

BarbK said...

How about "The Circle4 Farm". There's 4 of you in the family.....

Or, maybe FlipFlop Farm. I'll bet Charlie won't like that one, either!

Anonymous said...

How about Fancy Farm?


shuggy said...

flipflop farms! i love it!

how about...

the funny farm! (hehe)


thacker acres

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh....

Looking at your gallery and the Lazy Flip Flop Card....how about

The Lazy Daisy

Anonymous said...

Sherri, your homestead is lovely. I think you should call it 'Green Acres'.


Anonymous said...

This was fun! I looked up your last name and found it is of English origin and is occupation based for thatched roofs and was the name given to roofers. So, over dinner, we came up with these ideas:
Thacker Cottage
Thackerville Farms
Thacker Meadows
Thacker Glenn
The Thackery (my fave)
Tally-Thacker Farms (hubby's fave)
Tackers & Thistles Farm

Anonymous said...

oops...should be Thacker & Thistle Farm. Sorry about that one.

Anonymous said...

How about Laughing Llamas, LOL!

Kim Orr said...

Hi Sherri,
Our farm name is NOTYETA farm.. When I first got into showing horses , I boarded my horses at freinds farms.. Someone would say *What is your farm name*?I would answer "I don't have a farm yet"
So hence the NOT YET A farm.. So when we did get a farm it is NOTYETA farm! LOL
YOUR place could be ALMOSTA farm!

Kim Orr said...

Some folks we show with named theirs DONEROVIN farm ..meaning they were tired of moving...LOL