Friday, March 30, 2007

My mother is wanting to know what some of the suggestions have been for the farm

so I thought I would post them here for all to see:

Thacker Farm, Thacker Place, Down on the Farm, Animal Farm (if you had some),Green Acres, Hobe Sound North, Little Lost Farm, Charles Thacker Farm, Flip Flop Farm, Thacker Acres, Rancho Thackero, Double F Farm (F standing for Flip Flops), No Worries Farm, Thacker Dreams, Thackers Knoll, Thacker Hill, Thacker Hollow, Welcome Home Farm, No Name Farm, No Name Thacker Place, Slice of Heaven, Rolling Meadows (Sounds like a cemetary), Hill Side ....

Thanks to everyone who has given us their idea but Charlie is still waiting for the "perfect name" as he puts it... We're still thinking ....


Mary said...

How about...

Thacker Estates
Thacker Family Farm
Thacker Tongas (flip flops)
Thacker Therein (like here we be!)
Them Thackers

Okay, that's all I have. LOL

Mary (toao)

Anonymous said...

Since I see so many flowers in bloom, How about Bloomin' Thacker's farm, or just Boomin' Thackers,:)

Anonymous said...

How do you like "no Llama Drama"?
"Kangaroo creek"- hey it's totally irrelevant , but wouldn't you get some interesting visitors looking for the exotic aussie animals? LOL