Monday, March 19, 2007

Back from the ortho surgeon with Emily ...

Thank god nothing is broken or fractured. He took an xray and said her jaw just has a contrusion and it will heal on its own in 3-4 weeks. She is to miss soccer all this week and eat soft foods till it feels better. By looking at her xrays, we also discovered her 4 wisdom teeth are coming in and those NEED to come OUT soon so I was going to schedule that for Spring Break but now I think we'll do it in June when school is out. So her jaw is killing her from the soccer kick in the face, her wisdom teeth are killing her because they are poking through and she has 3 canker sores in her mouth that are killing her too. Poor thing!! He gave us a prescription for 600 mg motrin to help with the inflammation.

We also woke up to frost again this morning. It was 28 degrees when i took the kids to school so frost EVERYWHERE. Let's hope this is the last of it until next winter.

First day of Spring is tomorrow. WOO HOO. I am ready to put away my winter clothes and drag out the flip flops, shorts, tank tops, bikini ... oh wait, let's hold off on that bikini for a bit! ha ha


Anonymous said...

Poor Em!!!
Hope each day she feels a bit better

Suzi said...

I hope Emily feels better soon. YIKES to much bad going on for her now!!

I think you should put your meez girl in a bikini!!! It' WARM here. 68 yesterday & they're predicting 68 again today. I guess I'm gonna have to shave my legs.