Monday, February 26, 2007

Met Robin, Mary, and Lorraine for bagels this morning...

Robin is one of my best friends who found out she had breast cancer about 6 years ago. She is such a fighter and just an unbelievable person. She beat that but not before it went into her bones. Now this week, she found out she has 3 lesions on her liver. Its not good!! I am just so sad!! They kept telling her as long as it did not go into her organs, they can fight, fight, fight and now this!! Man, it just stinks!!! She goes on Friday up to Duke and they will do a CAT scan of her brain to make sure that's ok. She can't take much more bad news and neither can I! She is taking it one day at a time and will continue to fight. BTW, she is only 41 years old with no family history. So get those mammograms ladies!!

Emily's first soccer game is tomorrow night at home so we will go watch her play at 6 pm. She has been practicing everyday after school till 5 so let's see if they can win their first game!!

I gave Ladybug her first allergy shot yesterday WITHOUT the help of the vet. I did good. She acted like she didn't feel a thing , thank goodness. I'll be glad when I only have to do it once a month.

PS And for those who guessed it was ME who had the most shopping bags (yes you thought that Mom!) it was not me. I had the LEAST. I spent the LEAST but still managed to buy a bundle :). It was Deb who spent the most!! hee hee

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Sharon said...

I'm real sorry to hear about Robin, please keep me updated on her and tell her my thoughts are with her even tho she probably doesn't remember me.