Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just got back from the Alpaca show ... we did see about 400 alpacas ... all in one place..

They had several shows going on. Reminded me of a dog show only they were showing alpacas. There are 2 different kinds of alpacas. The Suri has long hair like dread-locks and the short haired is called Huacaya (pronounced wa-ki-a). They were constantly making these humming noises and they were constantly eating hay. Some were for sale and some were very pricey!! If we get anything, we may stick to llamas, they are similar and alot less money (at least we think they are but don't know for sure). We'll see if we get anything ... anytime soon!!!

Took Ladybug in for her 2nd allergy shot. I was less nervous this time giving it to her but she sort of flinched when i gave her her shot then I froze and the vet had to show me again how to put the needle into her skin just right. Poor Ladybug!!

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Suzi said...

Can you believe I gave myself CTS typing comments for this post & you refused to allow it. Next time, I'm gonna say something dirty.