Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its Sunday and I've had 3 people ask me why I didn't add to my blog yet today

so here I am ... Its Sunday and we're just hanging out. Emily broke her camera and so Charlie took her to Best Buy, Sears and Staples. While at Sears, Charlie spotted the Wii - Nicholas had wanted one for Christmas and they were no where to be found. So he bought it and boy, was Nicholas surprised!!!

The high schoolers have to fill out their schedules for next year. This is what Emily picked. Don't be too shocked! Apparel Development, Spanish I, Spanish II, Biology,Geometry, Civics & Economics, Parenting & Child Development, Advanced PE. Her alternatives she picked are (these are the real shockers) Weight Training and Psychology! Of course, she won't know which classes she has first quarter and which ones she has 2nd quarter but I can say I am glad its not me going through these high school classes again. No thanks!!


debbado said...

I can see Emily taking apparel development but I can't see her taking weight training.

I can't wait until Nathan picks his classes. Our biggest problem now is "what school will he be going to?"

Suzi said...

Would you believe that I've been checking your blog everyday & wondering why you haven't updated since the t-shirt pics??? Well, SCROLL DOWN SUZI!!!! Boy, do I feel like a dope!!!!