Thursday, January 7, 2010

I joined a stamp club and we met at Stampers Alley in Mooresville ...

It was alot of fun. We mostly chatted and did alot of laughing (those of you who know me know I do those things best!) HA HA. Anyway, this stamp club has been meeting for 10 years and when I was at Stampers Alley back in November, they invited me to join them so today was the day!!! We were each assigned a month or two to design a calendar page and today we each brought our pages (already done) and then assembled them into a really nice year-long calendar. Let's see if I can get the months to come out in order on this blog. Isn't it awesome???????

This is who did what month:

January - Brenda (owner of Stampers Alley)
February - Me
March - Glenda
April - Carolyn
May - Lesley
June - Sharon
July - Patty
August - Glenda
September - Sharon
October - Lesley
November - Patty
December - Carolyn


Cindi said...

awesome!!!!!!everyone did great work. what a fun calendar you have now

Pam Speidel said...

HOW FUN Sherri!! Your blog has a terrific look for the New Year too! :)

christie said...

Really nice!!! Everyone did a great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow this is awesome! Looks like an awesome year ahead!

Chelsea said...

How fun for you!!!! How close is it to your house??? Close to the castle?? LOL ... I don't think you took me to this place!!!

Lesley Massello said...

How cool to see "our" calendar on your blog. Every one did a great job and I hope you had a good time, we are so happy to have you join us.

Traci G said...

super cute calendar!!!