Friday, January 8, 2010

Senior project and dinner out with old friends

Emily presented her senior project yesterday!! She has been working on it in her English class since August. Yesterday was the big day and although she was dreading it in the beginning, I think she did much better than she thought she would do. All the prep work leading up to her presentation was alot more work than her actual presentation was I think. In NC, they have to do a senior project to graduate! They choose a topic which has to be approved by a "committee". She chose "Canine Companions" and did hers on service dogs. Dogs who help disabled kids, adults or even people with seizure disorders, etc. These dogs learn to pick up something when its dropped, they can turn on and off lights, and many other everyday functions that we take for granted. Emily had the greatest mentor, Julie, and she really helped her alot with her project. Emily's "paper" ended up being 47 pages long and that included 15 hours (probably more) of work done preparing for it. Yesterday after school she had to present her product to 3 judges and they judged her on her 8 1/2 minute verbal presentation. All that hard work paid off, she feels she did really great.

Last night Emily and I met up with Kim and Erin for dinner at Olive Garden. Kim and I met when we were 16 years old I think. We worked at McDonalds together "back in the day!" LOL Erin is Kim's daughter and Erin is moving to PA next week so I wanted to see her before she moved away. I haven't seen Erin in about 15 years, maybe more. We had a great time!!

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Traci G said...

Glad it went well for Emily! She looks so pretty! I love Olive Garden and I want to know what you had for dinner!!!!