Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you tried the technique "faux suede"? Not sure if this is the proper name ...

Not sure if this is the proper name for this technique but these are my cards and I wanted to make their clothes "look like they had some texture". I went with Traci to the Stampin Up Regionals in Cincinnati this summer and we learned this techique. They did it on a dog (I think) to make it look like it had a rough coat of fur but I wanted to use these 2 stamps so I did this instead.
To do the faux suede, this is what I did: Crumble up your cardstock and then straighten it back out. Rub your edges of the paper onto a table (I think a wooden table would work best) and work it back and forth. Then, try and pull the paper apart and you have 2 layers. The layer underneath is the rough side. Stamp your image on that side and paper piece it to your image on your white cardstock. Real easy!! It would look great on dogs, cats, bears, squirrels (Traci did it on a squirrel for my Sexy Squirrel Swap and it looked neat!). I love these stamps by Inky Antics... :)

Blue card - Stamps by Inky Antics
Oval punch
Oval scallop punch
Hand doodling
MS Scoring board
Purple card - Stamps by Inky Antics
Large octogon scallop
Sponging around the edges
MS Scoring board