Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My latest circle journal entry ...

Angie at the Stamp Shack is hosting her next circle journal. Its summer themed. (you can click on each photo to make them larger) Mine is "When Summer comes, I can't wait to ...." Here are my pages. I left my cover blank until i get it back and then I can complete the cover then. The other themes in this circle journal are:
Joanne - Childhood Memories
Ellie - Things I like to do in the summer
Patty - How I want to spend my summer
Chris - My favorite thing to do in the summer
Angie - 10 things I love about summer
Terry - Favorite summer vacation
Cindi - Favorite summer recipe/summer food
We each have 3 weeks to finish our 2 pages. Then we pass it along to the next person and they will do their 2 pages. We should get our original circle journal returned around July 1st. I already can't wait!!!

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