Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

2010 -- that is going to take some time getting used to writing or even typing for that matter! LOL We managed to stay up last night till midnight but shortly after that, we were both fast asleep. Emily went to a New Years party with her friend Kendall and this is them before they left.

Today I woke up with a whole new attitude. I would like to lose some weight. I am not going to set a certain amount because I'm afraid I will fail but I am going to vow to exercise more and watch what I eat. I jogged on our treadmill for 10 minutes this morning, then decided to play tennis for 30 minutes on our Wii. Tennis is my favorite on the Wii. After that, I decided to wash Emily's jeep and my van. By then I was exhausted! LOL We also got all the Christmas lights down from outside while it was 50 degrees (which is a heat wave compared to what its going to be in the coming days ahead!!) Now for some tortilla soup for dinner. Its my favorite!!!!


Chelsea said...

Happy New Year Sherri!

Seoulscrappin' said...

I love my Wii ... I try to use it every morning - Wii Fit Plus gives me yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance ... so much fun. Happy to say I lost 22.1 lbs from July-December 2009. Going for another 60 lbs this year. Have added Biggest Loser for Wii and EA Active Sports (Christmas presents). Have fun and Happy New Year!