Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In honor of breast cancer awareness month,

I changed my blog background and I had my friend Angie change my banner for me. Thanks Angie. I just love it!! My sister Debbie sent me this website, called Pink for October. They have cute pink ribbon graphics that you can download for free (like on the right side of my blog).

October 1st also means pumpkin pie blizzards at Dairy Queen. Of course, I called the DQ by me and they aren't serving them yet. So if you haven't tried a pumpkin pie blizzard, you must. They are truly the best ever! (You have to love pumpkin pie though)


tojoco said...

Awesome blog banner. I love love love it. I can't wait to see what you change to for November.

pelf said...

Since you've already gone pink, perhaps you'd also like to take part in our month-long contest?

Head on to Pink for October website for more details! :D

Lesa said...

Way CUTE Banner!!!!!! Go Pink Go!