Saturday, September 6, 2008

School on a Saturday?

Its a Saturday and the kids are at school. How weird is that?! Its very weird!! We had to make up a no school day we had a few weeks ago. We had all that rain that led to some flooding in our county so they decided to make today the day they had to make it up. The high school goes till 11:15 and the middle school gets out at 12:15 so they only go for 1/2 a day and they count it as a full day. The other alternative was to go on the Monday during Christmas break. This is better I think. We don't have snow days here as we rarely get snow :). So the kids are at school. Emily even had a test in her SAT prep class. I think I may go lay back down, I am still yawning. What else have I got to do on a rainy dreary Saturday morning? :)

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