Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been tagged by an old and dear friend Robin Lehman

I have to say Robin's last name because I had another good Robin who passed away a year ago and alot of you may be confused if you see I was "tagged by Robin" so that's why I put Robin's last name in there. Anyway, I have known Robin since we were 15. At least I think we knew each other since then. Maybe longer. I barely remember way back then!!! We grew up in the same neighborhood. LOTS AND LOTS of memories Robin and I have. Anyway, she is new to the whole blogging scene and she has tagged me which means I have to come up with 7 things about me. Some random, some weird. Let's see what I come up with. HA Here's Robin's blog if you want to check it out.

1) I laugh and I laugh alot. But I think alot of you already know that about me. I would have to say I get the laughing from my mom. She laughs alot too. So does my sister. When we 3 are together, watch out.

2) I own 14 pairs of flip flops. I thought I had more but I just counted so that is the accurate count. Charlie insists I always have a pair in every room of the house. Go figure!!

3) My natural hair color is brown. Not too dark but brown. I have been coloring my hair blond for quite awhile. Its getting grayer the older I get (thanks Mom!).

4) Everyone "thinks" I am the most organized person in the universe. I am organized when it comes to being on time, knowing when a birthday is, having a birthday card ready to mail out but when it comes to finding things in my stamping room, I can look for hours for a single item. I mean, yesterday I spent a good 45 minutes looking for this one thing and I never did find it. Could it be because my stamp room is always a mess? I need to get more organized in my stamp room I guess!!!

5) I've never met a Coach outlet I didn't like :).

6) I love worcestershire sauce (but ONLY the Lea & Perrins brand) on hard boiled eggs. Don't knock it till you try it!!!

7) I can't think of a 7th thing to write about myself. LOL

Now I am supposed to tag 7 friends but I have already done that many posts back so instead of doing that, I will just let that part slide. Is that ok with everyone? :) Have a great rest of the weekend. We have school tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mom said...

I see you chalked some things up to good ole mom.

Well,there is one you can chalk up to your dad----worcestershire sauce on hard boiled eggs. I know you didn't get that from me.

deb said...

I don't laugh a lot. And yes mom, we blame you for everything. I love worcestershire sauce on hard boiled eggs, too. Yummy!