Sunday, August 31, 2008

It was time to reveal myself to my secret sister

I joined a secret sister swap at the Stamp Shack and my secret sister was Merry Mimi from the Stamp Shack. For 4 months, I had to send her a little item once a month along with a stamped card. As my reveal I sent her this card and on the inside I sent her a poem. Now for those who know me, I cannot write my own poem, so I went to my stamping buddy, Mary who writes really great poems. You know the kind that rhyme really great. She has done this for other secret sisters for me too. You can read it on the card. Thanks again Mary. I just love this poem! It was just perfect. And Merry I enjoyed being your secret sister!!!


Anonymous said...

way fun!! I love the card! and Mary's poems are always great!! good job my friends

Loobylou said...

Hey, I recogise that cute girl "lucy" on the front of your card. Great card and fun poem.

Jennifer said...

Sherri, this is such a fabulous way to reveal yourself. Cute, CUTE card and the poem is super! Your secret sister was very fortunate to have such a creative partner like you! :)

Mom said...

Yes, Sher, Mary does good with poems. It was a great one.