Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally got our 2nd garden planted ...

Our first garden that we planted in late March never took. We tried our luck at starting with seeds last time and it did not work. So we will have to remember next year to just buy the plants already started. We got squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantelope and LOTS AND LOTS of tomatoes. As soon as we got it all planted, it started pouring down rain. Some of the hardest rain I have ever seen ... lol But at least we got it all planted.

Saturday Ellie & I went to a Memory Box make & take class. We had fun and yes, I managed to buy a few Memory Box stamps. After there she took me a scrapbook store in Charlotte that I had never been to and they had stamps there too so I managed to buy a new Gruffies stamp there. Here are a few photos
(first 2 photos is what we made in the class)


christie said...

Those are really cute!!! I'm glad you got your garden in. At least you didn't have to water it in after you were done!! :)

Smurfie93 said...

Good luck with the garden, I'm hoping to plant mine this weekend. I started some tomatoes from seeds but they don't look big enough to plant, I think I'll have to buy plants or it will be winter before I have tomatoes on mine! Rhubarb is ready around here so I'm waiting for the strawberries so I can make some strawberry rhubarb jam. YUM!