Thursday, May 22, 2008

Charlie and the kids took me out for mexican tonight

for my birthday which is actually tomorrow. After we ate, DH asked if they do anything for birthdays. Of course they do. I should've known. All of the waiters come over and sing H.B. to me in spanish. She has this cute dish of fried ice cream and she starts to put the spoon up to my mouth (or so I thought!). So i open my mouth thinking she is going to give me a bite - wrong! She put a dab of cool whip on my right cheek, then my left cheek, then my forehead, then my nose, then my chin. Then she put it in my mouth. We laughed and laughed. Thank god no one had a camera!! I am sure i looked ridiculous!!

The kids are still laughing, an hour later.


Kim H. said...

Sounds like a perfect Birthday celebration! We lots of fun and humor! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday! You sure do have lots to celebrate- so eat lots of cake!

Smurfie93 said...

You mean your kids don't even have a camera phone that they could of quickly taken a picture of you to use for bribery HAHA. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day tomorrow!!

Mom said...

That is cute Sher. I am surprised Emily didn't take a pic with her camera phone.