Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Look what Nicholas discovered today ... 2 baby birds hatched ..

I think they are mockingbirds. There were 4 eggs yesterday, 2 babies today and 2 more eggs still have not hatched yet. Here they are, waiting for food and here they are asleep next to each other. I also took a photo of my mini rose bush in bloom :). Why don't they smell good?


Aunt T said...

How awesome that he found the nest of eggs. They are such a pretty site. Your mini roses are so pretty - I bet they smell wonderful.


Mary said...

Oh how cool. Did you see my blog? I had babies this week too! You got some awesome shots there. You have to check out my shackin' blog...I left you a message there. The bird pics are on this blog:

Mary (toao)

Tami said...

Oh, Sherri, I love the first pic with their little mouths open. So wonderful.

hutch ink designs... said...

WOW these pictures are amazing!