Thursday, December 5, 2019

Arm knitted scarves are so fun to make

My other love besides stamping is arm knitting!  I took a class back in September and I fell in love with it and I think I have made 30+ scarves. I've made lots for Christmas presents and I have mailed some to friends "just for fun". I do not use knitting needles at all and I only use my hands to knit them with. Google it, there are lots of you tube videos out there explaining it. It's so fun!! Here is one of my favorite colors I made and I kept it for myself. The maroon one below I sent to a friend who was visiting from FL and yes, she said she'd wear it in FL on one of their chillier days! LOL (Not sure why I am not smiling in that photo)

Fab 'n' Funky - Anything but a card

I am flying to Florida for a few days and will be back on Monday. So I won't post again for a few days.

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