Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Day Three - Simply Watercolor Class with Kristina Werner

So today was day 3 of the Simply Watercolor class and I would say this was more of a challenge for me as I haven't always loved my own handwriting.  Here are the cards I did.

She had us print off a big letter in different fonts and then color them using water and watercolor paints. I did learn how the paint color moves on your paper once you put your paint onto wet paper. I decided to print off the word MOM and I used my Microsoft word and made the font size to be 150 and it was the "Aharoni" typeset. Then I just wrote Happy Birthday over top. It's perfect for mom's birthday in September.

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Marie Halstead said...

What caught my eye was your "A"; I love the shadow you used and the colors you picked out worked really well for it!