Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rock Painting Event

We had a rock painting event this weekend at our local Lowe's Foods. We had about 25 people come out, young and old. It was a lot of fun!  We are already talking about doing it again next month :).

Here are some pics I took:

We got to sit at a huge picnic type bench table and paint rocks
for 2 hours. It was fun meeting everyone in our
Harrisburg + Rock group on Facebook.

We supplied all the rocks, paints, and brushes.
A lot of shoppers just "stopped" by while
doing their grocery shopping.

The final rocks the adults and kids painted.
I demo'd how to use Modge Podge using
fabric and napkins and they all
seemed to really love that.(I think I
missed about 10 more rocks)

Hard at work

I painted the chick on the left and a little
girl wanted to make one just like it. She
did an excellent job making hers.

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