Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emily is college bound !!!

(Click on photos to see them bigger)

Monday August 16th was the big move in day! What an experience it was!! Charlie, Nicholas, Emily and I all headed out at 6:30 am. Got to UNCP at 8:45. The place was PACKED with people moving in all at once. We went right up to the desk and got her room key. No lines! We had no idea where her building was so we got in a line of cars that SEEMED to be miles long. It would inch along for awhile, then stop. We started to unload the car and I stayed in the drivers seat while Charlie, Emily and Nicholas unloaded the car. Finally, about 8 girls came up to us and said "Do you need any help?" Of course we did. They were like angels showing up!! LOL They took a ton of stuff up to the room for us. Nicholas and Charlie continued to get the big stuff out while I inched the car up one car at a time. Finally, we didn't move for awhile when we had noticed someone in the front of the line had parked and left her car there for about 20 minutes. We sat there in this line not able to move. We had decided at this point NOT to bring up the loft bed. We felt the room was too small for it to fit so we left it in the car and will return it back to Walmart. So ... finally, we took everything (all but the bed and the 2 ladders Charlie had built out of wood!) out of the car and I made a u-turn and found a place to park. The lines to the elevator were super long so we brought up what we could up the 4 flights of stairs. I remembered Emily had a case of water in her car so I found this boy, Andrew and he helped me carry it up the stairs. Thank goodness for Andrew!!!

We had everything in by about 11 am I think. Then we put everything away, made her bed, Charlie hooked up her cable tv, her computer, her printer and her fridge. We went to the bookstore to get her a lock for her apple computer. They had one for $30 so we didn't think that was too bad at all. I decided then and there, it was time to leave. I tried real hard not to cry but all of a sudden the tears started and then Emily started. We each just cried a little bit and then we left. She seems very happy and is staying very busy.
Her roommate Katie is from New Hampshire. She is super nice and the girls are getting along just wonderful. They found each other on Facebook!!

We are so proud of her.. Here are a few pics I took. The before and after pics of the car packed is just what it says - Before means before we left. After means on our way back. It looks like the car has MORE on the way back, don't you think? HA HA HA


deb said...

You say how crowded it was but it looks like you were by yourself in the pictures. It does look like you brought back more than you took. How did that happen?

Jennifer said...

What an exciting and emotional time this is for you and Emily. She must be so excited and you've raised her well. I know too how hard it can be to let our chicks try out their wings and fly. Your photos sure did bring back a lot of memories for me. Looks like a lovely campus.

Lesa said...

How are you holding up? House seem quiet? Do you plan on going back there soon? ((hugs))