Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Charlie!!

I got this book for Charlie while I was down in Hobe Sound. The author, Dan Mackin, lives in Hobe Sound and he paints these awesome paintings and is well known around Hobe Sound. My friend Jan had his book on her coffee table. I picked up her book and was enjoying his beautiful paintings inside the book. I knew right away that Charlie would love this book so Jan called Dan's wife (they are friends) and asked if we could go over and buy a book. We went right over and I bought the book and then I found a beautiful painting Dan had painted and bought that too for Charlie. What a way to shop !! Charlie loves his gifts and I did great!! LOL


Lesa said...

Well done! Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Suzi said...

Happy Birthday Charlie. And, your identity is STILL protected so you can go on w/your spy work!!!