Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm back from FL and had a "free" Just Cards magazine in my mailbox upon my return ...

Had a great time seeing my mom, dad, sister, Mike, Nathan and Cosmo in Seminole. Then got to see Jan, Betsey, Gerry, Sherri and Caryn in Hobe Sound. Weather was a "little" too hot for my liking. Our a/c had went on the blink and I was without air and it was 87 degrees one day (yes I was complaining!). Came back to 22 degree weather. LOL

Here are some photos from the trip. Debbie (my sister) is just "a little obsessed" with the color purple so here are her 2 purple Christmas trees. (I gave her the little one for Christmas this year and let her open it early. Then we got to go shopping for little purple Christmas ornaments.) Notice the little purple tree skirt, isn't it cute? Twix is her Jack Russell who kept me up each night because he likes to snuggle along your back and get under your covers and then I worried he couldn't breathe but he did just fine. Oreo is her black and white cat and I am allergic to him but managed ok with my watery eyes. The last photo is the new Dunkin Donuts out for December (it was a chocolate donut with chocolate icing and broken up pieces of candy cane) and they were delish, as you probably already know by looking at the pics. HA

I got back to find the latest issue of Just Cards and I have 2 cards in that, on pages 43 and 87. I submitted those A LONG TIME ago so don't give up if you have submitted some cards and they haven't been published yet.

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deb said...

Thank you for the little tree. I love it! I put those donuts out of my mind so thank you for reminding me. I want one now!