Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Years Eve eve ... LOL

Its December 30th. Almost 2010. That's going to be hard getting used to. I made these cards. The first image is a digital image from Mo's Digital Pencil Shop. I just love her images!!! I made card #1 a few months ago but I can't remember if I ever posted it. Card #2 - I got this digital image from All that Scraps and I really like alot of their images too. I made this one for someone who has a winter birthday. The little ticket stub is a stamp (but I can't remember by who). I'll probably post something tomorrow I am making for Valentine's Day. My great friend, Traci says I never make Valentine cards but I went through some of my old stamps and I found these so I made a couple of cards. Hmmmm, who will I send them to? Ha ha
PS If you noticed my new watermarks, I got them from Karen Giron. She has some great ones and only charges $2.00 for each of them. I have tried and tried to do my own and it just didn't work so I just pay her and she does them for me for $2. Quite the bargain!!


Traci G said...

hahaha!! This cracks me up!!! I'm so proud of you for making some Valentines cards!!!

I see you got your watermarks too! I can't believe you didn't tell me! LOL

Chelsea said...

cute cute cards!

Sharon aka Smurfie93 said...

THese are so cute. I am just finally getting back into my daily blog checking routine. GOt a new laptop for xmas and it has been giving me a little trouble so i haven't put everything on it yet. Just replaced it today so should get back into the swing. I really do love these cards!!!