Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More on the Senior Project ...

Tonight Emily and I went to a puppy training class in Charlotte. All puppies in the class were from the Canine for Companions organization. The dogs ranged in age from 4 months - 13 months. They take this class every other week for the duration of their 18 month commitment. Tonight they practiced several commands such as "stay", "heel", "back", "lap", and several others. I asked one of the men why do they teach the dog "back?" And he said alot of people who get these dogs to keep are in wheelchairs. If they are in the restroom and the dog needs to get back out of the door, they tell them "back" so they can back themselves up while the person who pushes the wheelchair wheels themself out. It was fun seeing these dogs do as much as they do. Here are a few photos from tonight.

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