Monday, July 20, 2009

We are having the coolest summer that I can remember in the longest time!!

And I do not mind one bit!! This morning when the dogs woke me up, I went outside and I thought, wow is it July or is it October. There was a definite "chill" in the air and it felt great!! Refreshing comes to mind!!! I came in and turned on the light, looked at the thermometer. Was that 57 degrees I read? Yes it was. By 10:00, it had "warmed" up to only 68 degrees. WOW and it is only JULY!! WOW. It feels WONDERFUL. I think we broke a 100 year old record temp in Charlotte. How nice is that!!! For July!! This is why I love it in the Carolinas. Oh yeah!!! I don't miss Florida one bit!! Not for one second!! Ha!!

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Jackie said...

I absolutely LOVE this weather!!!!