Monday, April 6, 2009

Button-up shirts work great for those who have shoulder surgery

and they are easy to put on your arm. But when one wants to wear a tshirt, why not make it easy for them? I saw this idea on a you tube video and he had cut a tshirt all the way down one side and added velcro, that way, you just glide in and out of the tshirt. Nice and easy!! I did 3, all in different colors, gray, blue and green. Charlie loves them!!

Charlie had his first physical therapy today and all went great. He will go twice a week for the first 2 weeks then they will consider having him come once a week, if he continues doing what he is supposed to do. Each session lasts 45 minutes long so I just took some images with me to color. Lots of people were in there with the same brace on their shoulder and each would ask how long they had been in theirs. Its nice to see there is hope in several more weeks, as in 8-9 more weeks!!! He can not use that arm at all yet at home so I wonder if the exercises will start next week at home. He goes back Wednesday morning at 11.


Mrs. Fence said...

Good work, Girl! Glad to hear Charlie is doing well.

Anonymous said...


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