Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've mentioned Facebook a few times on my blog

and the CEO and Founder of Facebook, Mark Z was on Oprah yesterday. This is what I learned:

There are currently over 175,000,000 members on Facebook.
Over the age of 30 is the fastest growing members right now.
Mark Z is 24 years old and he came up with this idea 5 years ago while sitting in his dorm room at Harvard University. 1/2 million people join every single day.
President Obama has the most friends on Facebook and he has 6,000,000.
He recently set up an Oprah Winfrey fan club page. Just search "Oprah" and you will find it (yep, I joined myself!) LOL

Interesting, huh?


christie said...

WOW, so young to have started it!!! I didn't know any of that, pretty cool

Mrs. Fence said...

I just love to hear stories like this! Good for him, and good for us! We get to enjoy his fabulous idea. :)