Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!!

He was sick in bed yesterday all day with what we assume was the flu. He woke up feeling much better today which is good.

I am slowly able to use my left hand more. Or at least my fingers. I can type with 2 hands again but slow. I go back to the orthopedic dr tomorrow so we'll see if he changes the "dressing". I am not expecting him to take out the stitches just yet since its only been 10 days. I think he said he likes to wait the full 2 weeks before the stitches come out so I will have to go back next week for that (I think).

I did go to my blood pressure dr today and my bp was way too high - 150/105 or something like that. She said it could be because of the pain I do have in my hand or because of all the Motrin I have been taking for the pain could cause it. I am now taking 2 Lisinoprils a day so we'll see if that helps.

Emily has a soccer game tonight so I am going to that for a little bit.


Cindi said...

happy Birthday Charlie!! so glad he's feeling better. It's great to hear you can use your fingers a bit..it all helps.

Lesa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charlie! Eat some extra cake for me! :)