Friday, January 9, 2009

Its almost the weekend!!!

For several months, a few friends of mine have been trying to get me to try "facebook". I had made myself an account but that's as far as it went. I pretty much just forgot I even had a facebook account. Then, yesterday I got an email from an old friend (a pen pal in Scotland) trying to find me and she found me through Facebook. I haven't heard from her in about 12 years!!! So I go to facebook, found lots of other people there I know as well and a new hobby has formed. LOL My pen pal Diane from Scotland emailed me, I emailed her back and I hope we can keep in touch again, after all these years!!! She emailed me these photos saying this was the last ones I had sent and as you can see the kids are little there. (Look how skinny I am too!)
I've also started a new blog in addition to this one. Its called My Life in Photos in 365 days. I am going to TRY and post a new photo every single day. We'll see how long I do it!!


Stampin' Meg said...

Hey Sheri- did you used to go to Cocoacats Card Making website? DO you know what happened to it- It's dissapeared and I was wondering if it was coming back or not?

Cindi said...

love the pics!! the photo of emily holding Nicholis is a treasure. how fun to meet up with old friends.