Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally got the Christmas trees down and the decorations put away

I know its only January 3rd but I have been wanting to get all the decorations put away and I finally did it today. Emily was out shopping, Nicholas was doing his 2 book reports that are due on Monday and Charlie was outside doing something so I decided today was the day. I took most of it down myself and I had Nicholas help me take the boxes to the basement.

Charlie and I also started working out on the eliptical machine today we got for Christmas. I only did it for 8 minutes, I bet I will be sore tomorrow! HA Back on it tomorrow ... I will be glad when the kids get back to school on Monday and life returns to "normal".


Renu said...

Good luck with the eliptical. I know I should be working out more too. I'm looking forward to "normal" come monday too.

christie said...

Here it is Jan. 5 and I still have my Christmas lights hanging on the house! Shhhh....maybe no one will notice!LOL!