Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You gotta see this cute snowman gift bag I made today

I googled "gift bags" and this is what I found on the Family Fun website. I am bound and determined to use these brown paper bags that I have left over from making SEVERAL paper bag albums (remember when those were all the rage?) well, I found some white acrylic paint and painted the whole bag. It took about an hour to dry. Then I printed out the template on the website and cut out the pieces of the hat and the carrot. For the eyes and mouth, I used 3 circle punches, 3/4", 1/2" and my 7/8" punches. I glued them all on and it was done. They also have a reindeer gift bag and a Christmas tree gift bag if you want to try and make those.


Anonymous said...

Funny how DD and I were talking about these this morning! She wants a stocking goodie bag though. I'll have to google that. It's very cute! Spartymom

Smurfie93 said...

How cute!!

Cindi said...

way cute!! you did a great job.