Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Robin's letter to me ....

I stopped by Jeff's house for about 30 minutes today and he gave me the letter Robin had written (Robin passed away 15 months ago). It was a cute card with 2 cute kitties on it and she had written on it "Sherri" "Robin". On the outside of the card under the cats, it said "Aren't we cute?" Then she thanked me for being such a great friend and she would always have a special place for me in her heart" She was always doing nice things like this!!! I sure do miss her!!!

It was great to see him. We talked about he and the kids are doing. His daughter just turned 16 last week so she is driving now. His son is 12 and in the 6th grade.. Both are getting ready for another hard holiday to face without their mother. Life isn't fair sometimes!! Robin was only 41! I'm glad I went and it was great to see him. I must keep in touch more often.

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