Saturday, November 29, 2008

Got one of our Christmas trees up today

We put up 2 Christmas trees. One is 9 feet tall and it goes in the livingroom. We have really high ceilings so it looks great in there. The one we put up today is 6 feet tall and I picked it up on sale at Target 5 years ago - it was regular priced at $99 and I got it for $4.50. I think that's the best bargain I have ever gotten, anywhere!!! Its my snowman tree. All the ornaments on it are snowmen. I have snowmen lights too that I found at Cracker Barrel. I love this tree, its my favorite one of all I think. We've been putting it in the basement but since we really don't use the basement that much, I decided we would put it in the kitchen by the table so we can look at it all the time. I do spend alot of time in the kitchen!! Why is that? LOL So here is one tree. I hope we get the 2nd tree up tomorrow.

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Lesa said...

Lovely tree and the dogs look festively cute. LOL Happy Holidays!