Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chelsea left this morning to go back to Rockford, IL

We had so much fun. Alot of giggling, talking, stamping ... what is better than that? Yesteray Michelle and Ellie came over for the day and we all headed up to Lewisville and went to the Enchanted Cottage. Chelsea was overwhelmed by the huge amount of stamps they had and we all managed to get a few stamps :). (just a few!) Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at a diner nearby and then came back and had birthday cake for Michelle (Happy Birthday Michelle!). Had pizza for dinner, stamped some more and then Chelsea & I watched Greys Anatomy from the night before. Kept stamping till about 12:30. She has taught me a bunch of new techniques ... new to me anyway. We tried one of Michelle Zindorf techniques and I need LOTS of more practice but it was fun to try something brand new. Here is my attempt (remember, I need LOTS more practice using this technique)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super duper fun time! I am so jealous! Your card is so cute! Love it!

Chelsea said...

I think you did good .... the masked snowman and santa in the sky is soooo cute!