Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you needing storage for your clear dollar stamps?

When Chelsea was visiting, we came up with this idea that I needed a better way to store my $1 clear stamps. I have had them all over the place and she said I bet these fit into a binder using the baseball sleeves. Well, after Chelsea went back home, I came across this idea on someone's blog (I can't remember who now) but they had the same idea and it was working great for them. So I found an extra 1" binder that I had on hand and decided to put my clear stamps in this binder. They are all in 1 place and I have them in sections. "Animals, holidays, letters/numbers, phrases" etc and we'll see how this filing system works. Here are a few photos so you can see what it looks like:


Kim H. said...

This is awesome! I love it! I am so going to do this!

shuggy said...

what a great idea!!!