Saturday, August 16, 2008

College is starting for so many this week

and I had to make a few cards for those "moms" whose "babies" are leaving home. I know I will be having it rough in a couple of years and I know these next 2 years will go by fast. This first card is for Joanne. She is my stamping buddy over at the Stamp Shack. Her son Corey is going to Georgia Tech. I made her this card and she got it today so I can now post it for all to see. Joanne, I know its hard that he is now gone but he isn't too far away and he will be home for the holidays before too long. I will be back with another card in a few days as I have another one for someone else but I can't say who in case she sneaks on here since Josh left today for Chapel Hill. (wink wink Katherine!)


Robin said...

Thankfully, Heather chose a local school so I didn't have to have the tearful goodbyes that others have had. By the time she moved out of the house it was time. I still get almost daily calls...."Hey Mom, I have a questin for you...."

pescbrico said...

You are so toughtfull Sherri! This card is wonderful!

Thanh said...

You are very thoughtful. I read Joanne's reaction on the board and she sounds delighted to have received it :)