Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back from Cincinnati, Ohio ...

This is the line to get INTO the stamp convention (before it opened)

Missy's 2 white labs

Missy and I

What a fun weekend I had!! Cincinnati from Concord is about 500 some miles. Took me about 8 1/2 hours. It was actually longer than I had expected but I forget all the long, windy mountain roads you have to take to get there. I started out very early on Thursday morning. My aunt and uncle took me to a great chinese restaurant called Twin Dragon. It was a BUFFET and it was soooo good!!! The next morning they headed off to Washington DC on a bus tour that they had booked months ago. So I am glad I got to see them a day early before they left. Friday I hung out with my friend Missy before Traci got there. Missy and I went to DSW Warehouse, Archivers, Stamp Your Art Out (where I got our stamp convention tickets) and we ate at this really great mexican restaurant for lunch (I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but they had the best mashed potatoes ever!!!). Traci got in that afternoon. Her and I spent the night at the Country Inn Suites and the next morning met up with Chris, Robin and Debbie and spent the day at the stamp convention. WOW, was that place crowded (see photo below). Went to Spagetti Factory for lunch (had the BEST spaghetti) and then went to IKEA (again, SUPER CROWDED!). After we said goodbye to Chris, Robin and Debbie, Traci and I headed back to the hotel where Traci took a power nap. I had a headache so I laid down too (it was like 4 in the afternoon) and I must've fallen asleep too because the next thing I know it was 9:30 PM and I look outside and its totally dark and all I could see were headlights and tailights. We must've been exhausted!! LOL We got on our pj's and got in bed and went back to sleep!!! Never even ate dinner!!! Were we party animals or what!?!? It was a great weekend!!! Here are some photos!!

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