Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is proof of who bought the LEAST

Judge for yourself :). Need I say more??

Joanie wins the grand prize (I think!). Joanie is in photo #1, Lesa is in photo #2 and I am in the last photo holding just 2 bags!! HA HA (FYI I had all of my stamps CRAMMED into 2 bags. I bought mostly unmounted stamps too)


Kim H. said...

FUN photos! Looks like a great time!

christie said...

LOL!!!! Well you may have the least amount of packages but yours look heavier!!!!

Thanh said...

LOL. Awesome photos - I love the comparison.

Is that Joanie's room ??! I wanna see the entire thing - wowsa!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sherri! Just followed your link on the Stamp Shack! What a nice blog you have! Congrats on the "loot" and also on the publication!