Sunday, April 27, 2008

I found these awesome video tutorials today and decided to try them myself

1) is a small pocket folder book. The pockets are very tiny so I haven't figured out what would go in these pockets just yet but I think it came out so cute. It is made from one piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I used 2 sided paper so that's how mine came out like it did. I found it at this blog

2) is a maze book. Its out of 1 piece of 12x12 paper and then you add the cover and back. This little book does not have pockets so you would glue on photos or whatever else you may want onto the pages. I am thinking this may be good for a Mother's Day present but since my mom reads my blog everyday I am not going to say for sure this is what i am going to do. She will have to find out in a couple of weeks when Mother's Day rolls around. LOL You can find that at the Scrapbook Lounge


pescbrico said...

Wow! you are fast! but I should know that by now! LOL it's lovely!

Lesa said...

Both are Adorable and can't wait to hear what you'll find to put in those tiny pockets! :)

Thanh said...

What a cute and quick project, Sherri