Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did someone say cupcakes?

Oh not real cupcakes but in a cupcake card. How cute is this?! I found this cupcake pattern on this blog and had to try it. I had to use my white cupcake ribbon that Julie sent me. I know it doesn't match the paper but who cares?! Does anyone else notice it doesn't really match?! Probably not :).

We went looking at new cars with Emily today. She turns 16 in 2 months. How is it possible she is going to be 16? We just drove around, seeing what's out there. At first she said she didn't like any cars that are round or square. Have you noticed how many cars fit this description? LOL Then she said she wants either red, black or white. Ok, that really narrows it down!! LOL We looked at Toyota, Honda, Mitsibishi, Saturn, Kia and I can't remember what else. She loves the Honda CRV I think its called. So we will see.

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Smurfie93 said...

Well Christopher will be 15 1/2 in August and then he can get his permit. Since my lease is up in June he is making sure the car I get is going to be "cool" since he will be driving it LOL. Have fun car shopping!!

Hey, any donkeys or other animals at the Thacker residence yet????