Saturday, March 22, 2008

Woke up not feeling so great

actually went to bed not feeling so great last night. Must be some stomach "thing". I hope its over fast. Tomorrow is Easter. How can I cook a huge Easter dinner plus I will miss out all my fun Easter goodies that the Easter bunny will bring me!? lol

At the Stamp Shack, they have a challenge this week to make a card in the shape of something. You know instead of just a square card, make a shaped card so i found this template here and made a ladies shoe card. Its not my best but it came out ok. I love that saying don't you? Now I think I will go lay back down. PS Its in the low 70's today and Emily is outside tanning in her bikini. She was invited to go on a cruise with her friend Elizabeth this week (since we're on spring break) but it was way too much money so she stayed home. Said she will just tan out by our pool. That a girl!!

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