Saturday, March 1, 2008

Its been a whirlwind the last few days ...

and I haven't posted anything. First thing that happened was I had a little fender bender on Thursday night. Luckily, I was ONLY going 10 mph but the "kid" (who was all of 16 and has had 3 wrecks in the past few months, all rear-ended) in front of me stopped abruptlly to turn left into the mall parking lot and by the time I realized he was stopped, I slammed on my brakes and wham! I ran into him. He had a broken taillight and a broken back bumper. My front bumper needs replaced so its at the body shop waiting to get an estimate. We should hear back on Monday how much its going to be. So in the meantime, i will drive the jeep wrangler around :).

Today Ellie & Michelle are coming to stamp with me. Ellie lives in Charlotte and Michelle lives in Lexington so let's see what we get done. We'll probably talk and laugh more than stamp! But who knows. I will have to post later what I make.

We've had really cold temps this week but I can see Spring poking up everywhere in Charlotte. The Red Bud trees are starting to bloom and i see some yellow daffodils popping up too. 1 of them is blooming! Its warming up this weekend to the 60's - perfect weather I say!!

That's it from me. Until later :)

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Lesa said...

I am thankful no one was hurt. Phew! Hugs.