Friday, March 28, 2008

I just love Spring in the Carolinas

This is our Cherry Blossom Tree in full bloom. They are all over Charlotte. These are my favorite!!
You can see the cherry blossom tree in the background, behind the swing. I love my front porch!!
We have about 300 tulips getting ready to bloom. Here is just one and I think it will be anyday now. I love tulips!!
Not sure what this flower is. Charlie knows but he is out of town so he can't tell me. LOL
Aw, my daffodils are almost done blooming. I love these too as they last a few weeks, compared to my tulips which seem to not last but a few days.


shuggy said...

so pretty!! i love your porch!! can i come over and sit on it???

ellie said...

Oh, so pretty. I love those trees. Those pink flowers are Creeping mom use to call them "pinks"! They come in white and lavendar too!
Your yard looks so pretty. I wanna see pictures of the tulips when they come out...I bet they will be beautiful!

Heather Grow said...

Pretty pictures. Hey, Sherri, what are those little dirt mounts that you plant seeds in? Do you buy them like that or do you make them?