Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring!!

With it being the first day of Spring, I decided we should start planting some vegetable seeds inside for our garden. Why not get an early start?! This year, we bought the following seeds: watermelon, 2 different kinds of cantelope (had the best crop last year ever!), zucchini, squash and LOTS AND LOTS of carrots. Carrots seeds are the tiniest seeds ever so I just kept planting them. We have rows and rows of carrots compared to everything else. The dogs will love that since that is what their treats are. We also bought some already growing spinach and romaine lettuce which you will see next to the row of seeds. We hope to plant those plants next week. This dome planting thing (not sure the proper name) came with dirt and everything. You just add water and the seeds and watch them grow. We will buy our tomato plants later once the freeze threat is over. BTW, the news is saying we may get snow flurries on Monday. WOO HOO!!!! :)


Smurfie93 said...

Well except for big piles alot of the snow is melted around here and guess what!!! We are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight. Guess it isn't spring here yet. I'm heading to FL March 25th so I'm excited about that. Your garden to be sounds great. We won't plant ours until Memorial weekend LOL.

shuggy said...

i'm jealous!!!