Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things you wish you knew about alpacas ...

Yesterday Charlie and I went to the alpaca show here in Concord. 600 alpacas were "on display". Some were for sale and some were for "show". They had a alpaca show going on, just like a dog show. Its really funny to watch. They were winning ribbons for best of show and things like that, just like a dog show.

There are actually 2 kinds of alpacas. There is a Huacaya which is a short haired version and the Suri has long hair. In the spring, they must be shaved as its too hot for them with all that hair in the summer. They look pretty funny shaved but at least they are much cooler :).
We spent over an hour talking to this couple from Virginia. Real nice couple who seemed to know alot about them. They started out with 2 just 5 years ago and now have 24!! I have decided I do not want this many, that sounds like full-time work. He advised us to get 2 males (they are cheaper anyway) and see how we like those 2. He had a really cute black one with a few white spots and it was called "Ink Spot". I love his name!! LOL This couple was telling the things we need to know BEFORE we get anything so we found them to be very helpful. We are going back today to talk to more people. And did you know alpacas actually make a nice humming noise? It was funny to hear all those alpacas humming :). More to report later ...


Soon Han said...

What a great blog you have Sherri.
And you have made some awesome cards and photo's.
I love the pictures from the alpaca's,we calls them in the Netherlands Lama's.
Have a great day.

Hugs Soon Han-Scrapsoon

Aunt T said...

Great pictures and how wonderful that you were able to meet this couple and get some information to consider. I can't wait for your report from today's visit to the show :)