Friday, February 22, 2008

Riley the moose ... I wanted to see what "he" would look like as a "she"

I played around with Riley and made him Ms. Riley. What do you think? She sure likes pink. LOL

Got a call today that Spring soccer starts for Nicholas and sign ups are tomorrow. Depending on how many kids they have, they will have either 1 team or 2 teams. Its in Mount Pleasant which is a small town close by. He played Fall soccer but they've never had a Spring team so this is great. In NC, its state law, kids in 6th grade are not allowed to play team sports through the middle school. So when this came up, I was thrilled. You can bet I will be there signing him up tomorrow first thing :).

Let me know what you think about Ms Riley please. Too much pink? Or should I leave him as a boy moose?


pescbrico said...

Well done! The paper piecing is great and your coloring awesome!

Lesa said...

Love (her) in pink!!! The glitter and pearls are a perfect touch. Love the bow!!!

DEBBY said...