Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks for all the wonderful emails and well wishes ...

You all are just so sweet with all of your wonderful comments you have sent me. The funeral is on Saturday at 11 am. I was hoping it would be Monday as Amy would've gone home on Saturday and I could've had a few more days to get things ready before I leave but for some reason, they chose to do it on Saturday. It will be a small graveside funeral. Amy is cutting her visit short so she will fly out tomorrow morning and I will be driving down to FL after I drop her off at the airport. The airfare was $700 (they no longer have bereavement airfares offered) if I flew plus I would've had to rent a car and I just think this is easier if I just drive my own car. I will probably come back Monday or Tuesday. It depends who I get to see while I am down there.

This morning we woke up to see these beautiful deer grazing on this side of our fence. They just kept staring at us while we took their photos.


Anonymous said...

The deer are awesome. This reminds me of my grandma's funeral. During the service at the cemetary, just as the minister finished his part. A little dear (still had white spots)went running across the cemetary. It stopped briefly and looked at us all and then continued on. It was beautiful. I kind of took it as a message from grandma. Okay, now I'm crying.


Lesa said...

They knew you needed some beauty in the midst of your sorrow. hugs.