Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amy's here visiting from a very cold Wisconsin

I think it was getting down to the minus digits there last night and here it was 64 degrees. Felt great!!! I started off the morning by making homemade cranberry orange bread yesterday. Ok, it wasn't EXACTLY homemade but it was from a mix from Trader Joe's and it was really easy! It was hot and fresh when all woke up. We ate our yummy bread and off we go to Lazy 5 Ranch (drive through zoo). We get to the zoo 30 minutes later ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY ARE CLOSED. This place is closed? How can this be? This place is open 365 days a year, rain or shine... there is a sign hanging up saying they are closed for one month for maintenance. Oh man, were we disappointed!! So instead we did the next best thing ... went shopping!!!!! We went to Kohls, Ross, Rack Room Shoes, Target, Stein Mart, local scrapbook store (where I picked up a few sheets of the new Basic Grey Two Scoops paper - love it!), stamp store (but didn't buy a thing there!) After all that, we were starved so we all went out for seafood. Emily's "friend" Tyler went with us. Yes Tyler and Emily are still just friends, so they say :). Today I think we will go to Southpark Mall for some more shopping and stop by Costco. Amy loves Costco and they don't have one in WI.

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Smurfie93 said...

Ok, so Amy is missing this wonderfully cold weather, they even called off school. It is -9 degrees right now but -35 or more with the windchill, they say it could get colder. Guess we aren't going anywhere today. It even got up to 45 yesterday and rained so the pond did a good job of melting but within an hour it was completely frozen again as the arctic blast set in.